Dr Chong is a Board Certified Periodontist and the only dual-specialized board certified Orthodontist and Periodontist in the Bay Area. During your initial consultation, Dr Chong will perform an evaluation of your gums and teeth which may include x-rays and a comprehensive periodontal (gum) charting. Dr Chong will create a customized treatment plan for you and submit a pre-authorization request to your insurance company for the treatment procedure(s) recommended.

Pre-authorizations from your insurance company is an estimate of insurance coverage, not a guarantee. Coverage from your insurance company is not a reflection of your need for treatment. In other words, there may be procedures recommended for treatment of your gum disease or gum problems which may or may not be covered by your insurance company. Dr Chong is committed to providing you a comprehensive and conservative treatment plan for your overall gum health and well-being.

Many adults today who seek orthodontic treatment have underlying periodontal problems which they may not be aware of. If you have been told by your dentist or are aware of gum problems, you may still be a candidate for orthodontics. Your teeth can only move if supported by healthy underlying bone and gums. A beautiful smile not only consists of straight teeth but also healthy gums. Schedule your appointment today with Dr Chong to discuss your periodontal needs!

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