The American Association of Orthodontists’ recommends that all children are screened by age 7! However, not all children require orthodontic treatment at this age. It is important for Dr Chong to evaluate your child and inform you of your child’s growth and development and identify any issues that need to be addressed. Some jaw or bite issues if not addressed at the appropriate time, can result in growth disturbances or poor eruption of teeth later on. Delaying treatment for some children may result in a more invasive treatment, such as extractions or surgery, at a later age.

In Phase I treatment, braces are placed on the teeth and sometimes a growth modification device such as an expander, habit appliance or functional appliance is prescribed. Once the first phase of treatment is complete, Dr Chong will give your child a custom set of retainers.

Between the first and second phase of treatment, Dr Chong will monitor the growth and development of your child. This may include taking periodic routine x-rays and/or photos to evaluate tooth development.

Phase II treatment usually begins after your child has lost most if not all of their primary teeth. A 2 phase treatment is recommended if an optimal treatment outcome cannot be ideally achieved with a single phase. Dr Chong will provide you with a recommendation that best fits your child’s needs.

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