What is esthetic crown lengthening surgery? How will you know if you need it?

Do your gums show too much when you smile? Do your teeth look small and short? If yes, you may have a case of a “gummy smile”. An esthetic crown lengthening surgery is what you might need.

A “gummy smile” is observed when too much of the gums show above the teeth when smiling. Gum tissue may cover the teeth so they appear small and short, even if they are actually of normal lengths. A crown lengthening procedure helps improve the esthetics of your smile by recontouring the gums and underlying bone margins. This is done to expose more of the crown. This way, the crowns of your teeth look fuller, and the gums are even.

What happens during the surgery? What does recovery look like?

Don’t be scared! During the procedure, you will be anesthetized locally or sedated. Dr. Chong will remove the excess gum tissue and gently recontour the bone margins until the desired crown length is achieved. The doctor will rinse the area before suturing it back together. The procedure usually takes approximately an hour but depends on the number of teeth involved.

Recovery should take around three months following strict adherence to post-surgical instructions. Dr. Chong will prescribe pain relief medications and oral rinses to alleviate discomfort after the procedure. The good news is, you’ll be able to resume normal functions as your gums heal!

Why do we do this procedure- aside from the rewarding results we see when our patients smile?

Crown lengthening surgery is a viable option for facilitating restorative therapy or improving esthetic appearance. Aside from esthetic purposes, Dr. Chong may also recommend crown lengthening so that other restorative or cosmetic treatments can proceed because some procedures require a certain crown height. However, adequate tooth structure for achieving these goals may not always be available.

Take a look at some of our patients’ before and after photos!

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