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At Embrace Smiles Orthodontics, no orthodontic treatment is small or large for us. We provide comprehensive orthodontic treatments with a focus on your comfort and quality results.
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Common Teeth Misalignments to Treat with Orthodontists in Campbell

Orthodontic issues can lead to various problems such as difficulty in chewing, increased risk of gum diseases, and problems with confidence. The most common teeth misalignments include:

Crowding: This common type of misalignment occurs due to a lack of space in the mouth for teeth to grow properly. Teeth crowding can be caused by various issues such as genetic issues, premature loss of primary teeth, etc. Whatever the reason for your teeth crowding, we can tailor the treatment to provide you with the perfect smile.

Bite Misalignments: Overbite and underbite are other types of misalignments. Our tailored orthodontic treatments can help treat these misalignments easily.

What to Expect from Orthodontic Treatment?

While orthodontics materials and techniques have improved greatly over the years, the basic principle remains the same. Orthodontic appliances apply gentle pressure on the teeth and jawline to move the teeth slowly into their intended position. Apart from the aesthetic value of orthodontic care, there are many other benefits including improved chewing, dental hygiene, and speech.

The process begins with a comprehensive examination to create a personalized treatment plan for patients. Depending on the complexity of the orthodontic treatment, the treatment duration can vary from several months to a few years.

Common Type of Orthodontic Treatment

Metal Braces: They are the most well-known type of orthodontic treatment consisting of metal brackets and wires attached to the teeth. The gradual pressure from the wires moves the teeth into proper alignment.

Aligners: This alternative to metal braces uses customized and removable transparent trays to gradually straighten teeth. The less noticeable form factor makes aligners a good alternative. Aligners can also be easily removed for brushing/cleaning.

High-tech Braces: They use sliding mechanisms instead of elastic brands associated with traditional braces. High-tech braces need fewer adjustments and potentially require a shorter treatment time.

Expanders: These appliances are used to create more space when the upper jaw is too narrow.

Retainers: They are used after orthodontic treatment to prevent teeth from shifting back and maintain the new alignment.

Aligners remain the most popular treatment offered by Embrace Smiles Orthodontists because of their comfort, convenience, and quick results. However, other treatments like Invisalign are also popular among patients of all ages. During initial consultation, we help you decide which treatment is best for your smile and lifestyle.

Choose Embrace Orthodontics to Achieve Your Dream Smile

Although orthodontic care is generally associated with braces and retainers, there are many advanced tools available to correct tooth and jaw misalignments. We offer a wide variety of treatment options including clear braces, aligners, Invisalign, expanders, and more. By closely working with patients, we ensure their orthodontic issues are treated effectively. With our vast experience, we’re better equipped to create a tailored treatment plan for you.

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