Retainers are an essential part of achieving a beautiful, healthy smile for a lifetime.

  • Wear your retainers as instructed by Dr Chong and her team. Remember wearing your retainer after orthodontic treatment is the best way to preserve your smile.
  • Whenever you remove your retainer, make sure to keep it safe in your case. Avoid wrapping your retainers in a napkin or paper towels as they can be easily thrown out.
  • Keep the retainers clean. We recommend using any over-the-counter retainer cleaning products and room-temperature water. (No hot or boiling water as this can cause distortion of your retainer)
  • Do not attempt to adjust your own retainer. During your regular retainer check appointments, Dr Chong will ensure your retainers fit well and perform any adjustments as needed.
  • If your retainer breaks or is lost, call our office immediately as your teeth can start to move!
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