Spark: Orthodontic Aligners That Are More Comfortable, Effective, and Stain Less

If you’re looking for a clear and comfortable way to straighten your teeth, look no further than Spark Clear Aligners at Embrace Smiles Orthodontics. Made with the patented TruGEN™ material, Spark Aligners are less likely to stain, and provide more comfortable and effective tooth movement when compared to leading brands.

  • The latest technology in aligner material
  • Superior start-to-finish control and flexibility
  • Designed for faster treatment
  • A predictable and efficient treatment plan
  • Recommended for patients with teeth misalignment

How do Spark Aligners work?
Spark Clear Aligners are a cutting-edge orthodontic treatment that use clear, removable aligners to straighten teeth. Unlike traditional braces, which use metal wires and brackets to correct dental issues, clear aligners are virtually invisible and can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing. Spark aligners use a patented material called TruGEN™, which is proven to provide more effective tooth movement compared to other aligners. This is achieved as a result of optimized sustained force duration/application and improved surface area contact with teeth.

We first take 3D imaging of your teeth to formulate a tailored plan that will work perfectly for you. Then, we design and trim your aligners for maximum comfort and effectiveness. Each aligner is worn for 1-2 weeks before changing it with another custom made piece that will eventually fit perfectly into place and start reversing any crookedness of the teeth. With time this treatment can produce amazing results

Spark Aligners are unique, so is your care!
Your Spark orthodontic aligners will be personally designed by Dr. Chong. Dr. Chong and the Embrace Smiles team will plan out your treatment and show you a digital rendering of how your smile will look like. Although these aligners don’t require adjustments, you do need to get a check-up every three or four months so your treatment can progress smoothly.

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