A frenectomy is the removal of a frenum, a small piece of muscular tissue that connects the inside of the upper lip to the center of the gums between the two upper front teeth. The presence of a large frenum can create a large gap between the 2 front teeth and may also cause recession by drawing the gums off the jaw bone. A frenectomy can decrease the likelihood of relapse post-orthodontic treatment of a gap between the 2 front teeth. A child who is “tongue tied” may have difficulty with speech or eating. Children who are “tongue-tied” may benefit from frenectomy treatment to “release the tongue”.

Gum Grafting

Gum grafts are used to cover exposed roots or enhance gum tissue where absent. During gum grafting surgery, Dr Chong will take gum tissue from your palate or another donor source to cover your exposed root (s). A gum graft can reduce further recession and bone loss. In most cases, gum grafting protects roots from decay, reduces tooth sensitivity and improve esthetics of your smile.

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening helps to improve a “gummy smile” or in cases where teeth appear short. Your teeth may be proper legnths but are covered by too much gum tissue. During the procedure, Dr Chong will remove excess gum tissue and gently re-contour the underlying bone margins to expose more natural tooth. Dr Chong may also recommend a crown lengthening procedure to expose more tooth so that cosmetic or restorative treatment can be successfully performed by your general dentist.

Impacted teeth

An impacted tooth refers to a tooth which has failed to emerge through the gums. This commonly occurs with canines. It is important to treat an impacted tooth in order to prevent adverse consequences to adjacent teeth. An orthodontist would usually recommend exposure of an impacted tooth after sufficient space has been created for it to erupt. After the periodontist exposes the tooth, a small metal attachment would be bonded to the tooth to allow the orthodontist to bring the tooth into alignment with the other teeth.

Periodontal Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO)

PAOO is a clinical procedure which combines selective alveolar corticotomy, particulate bone grafting and application of orthodontic forces. The corticotomies performed result in a regional acceleratory phenomenon in the area, creating increased bone turnover, and consequently, accelerated tooth movement. In these cases, teeth can be moved approximately 4x faster then with conventional orthodontics. The addition of bone grafting allows the enhancement of bone volume after remineralization. PAOO also allows Dr Chong to achieve tooth movements in most dimensions 2-3x greater than would be permitted with traditional orthodontic treatment alone. Following the procedure, Dr Chong will see you as frequently as every 2 weeks for orthodontic adjustments. There is a 6-9 month window of opportunity for accelerated tooth movement before remineralization occurs. PAOO has also been clinically shown to reduce the potential for relapse after orthodontic treatment.

Temporary Anchorage Devices

A temporary anchorage device (or TAD) is a very small titanium anchor (1.5-2mm) used to help achieve quicker, more efficient tooth movement compared to traditional orthodontic treatment alone. It is commonly used in the treatment of open bites and space closure. Placement of TADs and recovery is usually accompanied with very mild discomfort which can last up to 3 days. Dr Chong will determine whether a TAD would be beneficial to your treatment.

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